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  1. Lets hear your point of view.
  2. How do you feel on......
  3. New here again..................
  4. Advancing with Titan
  5. Innocent after 20 years on death row
  6. Spongebob Squarepants
  7. Pope John Paul the 2nd passes on
  8. Sony loosing money?
  9. Terrorist Bombing in London
  10. Proof about Clinton and Bin laden
  11. Hurricane Wilma
  12. Election Day!
  13. Who killed Marilyn Monroe?
  14. Hahaha
  15. Hikikomori
  16. Another Hurricane
  17. Crikey! The Death Of Steve Irwin
  18. 9/11
  19. Here's Your Patriot Act!
  20. Denise Richards Tosses Laptop Off Balcony, Striking Handicapped Woman
  21. Microsoft
  22. Welcome to Bibleland!
  23. What happens if you disagree with Michael Crichton
  24. My Girlfriend, Miss Nevada...
  25. R.i.p.
  26. Saddam Hussein to be executed tonight
  27. CNN apologizes for Obama gaffe in Bin Laden graphic
  28. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13
  29. Man admits to brutal murder of sister in Tokyo
  30. China blows up a satellite with a missile, US says "Oops"
  31. Breaking News! Saddam is alive!
  32. Slovenian's Amazon Swim
  33. If anyone can save the world, it's Richard Branson!
  34. I Guess Britney Shaving Her Head Is World News....Right?
  35. Real Life Automail....
  36. Racing games may spur risky driving
  37. Xt?
  38. Firefighter Arrested in Woman's Clothes
  39. Virgina Tech Campus Massacre creates at least 20 fatalities
  40. Japan Gearing Up For War?
  41. Stoned Cop Calls 911 Fearing Overdose On Pot
  42. Jerry Falwell DEAD
  43. State forces McGuire’s to remove 'joke' restroom signs
  44. We're we over this?
  45. Woods sues over wood
  46. There's Turkey in my Kurd (maybe)!
  47. Holy!
  48. Too Much Sports Cream = Pwned
  49. Math Teacher sues kids over Teddy Bear Movie
  50. Knife Crime
  51. No moviegoers means No corn!
  52. Spice Girls reuinite for World Tour
  53. Bombing at London airport
  54. Michael Moore wants iPhone delayed, attacks Steve Jobs
  55. Hello Kitty recruited to Fight Corruption.
  56. Salty Burgers Are A Crime
  57. RIAA anti-P2P campaign a real money pit, according to testimony
  58. Fires in Southern California
  59. OiNK Put to the Slaughter
  60. Forget tattoos, branding is the hottest new trend
  61. Presidential Election 2008 Quiz
  62. The Strike
  63. One-Third of Popular Songs Refer to Substance Abuse
  64. Too Much Sunscreen?
  65. One Spear After Another: Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant at age 16
  66. Why Huckabee is an Idiot...
  67. Giant Robot to Molest Las Vegas...
  68. Can We All Agree...
  69. For Lucian...
  70. How to beat the high price of gas...and kick the middle east in the teeth(?)
  71. Magnitude 5.2 Earthquake Rattles U.S. Midwest
  72. Downloading Just Got Better
  73. Naked stranger on toilet asks to 'finish business' before arrest
  74. I was on the news!!!
  75. Gary Kasparov and the Flying Penis of DOOM!
  76. Oil at record near $140 a barrel
  77. Trapped in an Elevator for 41 Hours
  78. Cyberbullying
  79. The music of games
  80. California Bans Talking While Driving, Sort Of
  83. And Now For Some Real News...
  84. Woman ‘tricked into sex’ by penis cream treatment
  85. Sarah Palin on Her Foreign Policy Experience
  86. Pakistan
  87. Grab Tits for a Good Cause
  88. Class Action Lawsuit
  89. DECISION 2008
  90. Solid Snake Escapes from Prison
  91. When I Eat Hot Cheetos...
  92. US hits target with missile test
  93. OJ Simpson given lengthy sentence
  94. Obama vows rebuilt infrastructure
  95. Kiss of...Deaf?
  96. Snack Time for Yoh's Mother
  97. Porn among National Science Foundation's "research"
  98. US military develops anti-aircraft laser
  99. Pirate Bay Trial Kicks Off in Stockholm
  100. Local Arson For me, Interesting LOL
  101. Japan says ready to shoot down NKorea missile
  102. U.C. Berkeley Now Offers StarCraft Class
  103. Metairie man says stranger chewed, swallowed after taking bite out of his arm
  104. Promotions Denied Because of Race
  105. Swine Flu